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Ask about the Student Packet for Science Fair Projects

Science Fair 101:

Description: Science Fair 101 introduces students to the Scientific Method. Students will work through the scientific method by conducting a science experiment as the class. Introduction to different graphing techniques will be explored, as well as practicing mathematics and reading comprehension during this program. This program will guide students to a successful science fair project. Target Audience: 3rd-5th

Science Fair 201:

Description: Science Fair 201 will support and expand on the materials taught in 101. Students will be challenged to advance graphing and mathematical skills. This program will focus on observational and organizational skills to complete the experiment. This program will prepare students for independent science fair project. Target Audience: 5th-8th

Amazing Metamorphosis:

Description: Join us as we journey through the life cycle of Metamorphosis. The adventure will be fun-filled and interactive as we explore what it takes to become a beautiful butterfly and other cool insects.  Target Audience: K-4th

1+1=Achoo | Kinetic Kids:

Description: 1+1=Achoo is an interactive hands-on program that allows students to observe how germs are spread within a population. Through inquiry science students will analyze different ways to prevent infectious epidemics. The class will learn the proper way to wash hands by taking Port Discover’s Hand Washing Challenge. Target Audience: K-5th

Pump It Up:

Description: This program takes the classroom on an adventure through the circulatory system by closely examining a real pig heart. Students learn the importance of daily exercise, nutrition and health care. Students will certainly be ‘Pumped Up’ about heart health after this exciting program. Hands-on activity varies depending on grade level of audience. Target Audience: 3rd-5th

Seed Me Grow:

Description: Exploring the life of a seed and learn how seeds are dispersed. This program includes a seed dissection and much more! Students will test their knowledge of dispersal by designing a seed for a seed dispersal challenge. Target Audience: K-5th

CSI Discovery | Kinetic Kids:

Description: CSI-Discovery Port Discover style teaches students to observe, investigate and conduct science experiments to solve a mystery. Real lab tools and techniques for blood types and lift fingerprints will be taught. Join Port Discover to uncover your identity! Target Audience: K-5th

Blast Off:

Description: Children are mesmerized as the world of physics comes alive right before their eyes. In this program, the children get to design, build, and launch their very own rocket high into the sky. After all the excitement is over they will get to take their rockets and a better understanding of physics home with them. Target Audience: 1st-7th

Plankton Watch:

Description: Students learn the importance of ecosystems, water quality, scientific design and data collection through sampling local waterways. This program involves taking several environmental measurements and identifying phytoplankton and zooplankton. This program is a wonderful opportunity to bring the classroom outside! Target Audience: 3rd-8th

Critter Feeders:

Description: An ecosystem can be an exciting place for a child to explore their environment. This program comes to life with Port Discover’s live critters that represent each member along the food chain. The class will make their own critter feeder to take home to observe critters that may live in their neighborhoods. Target Audience: K-5th

Hue Knew:

Description: Children are fascinated by the wonderful world of colors and the amazing fact that they can be made from our three primary colors. In this program, children are given primary colors and then through experimentation create secondary colors. Come explore the rainbow in Port Discover Science Lab! Target Audience: Pre-K-1st

Cool Chemistry:

Description: Cool Chemistry makes learning chemistry fun! This class is full of slimy, gooey and icky experiments that students test to discover different properties and chemical reactions that are created in our Science Lab. Target Audience: K-5th

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle:

Description: Students learn about the importance of the three Rs: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Papermaking with recycled newspaper is featured. *Only available at Port Discover. Target Audience: K-5th

Snowflakes Everywhere:

Description: Join us on an adventure to explore the microscopic world of snowflakes. What are some common shapes? How do snowflakes form? Why are there no two alike? These are a few of the topics we will explore during our journey. Students create their own snowflakes. Target Audience: K-5th

Wind Works:

Description: Let Port Discover transform your class into a group of junior engineers! This program explores types of energy, converting energy into electricity, and how electricity is made. Students will try their hand at engineering as they design and test their own wind turbines. 

Eat Healthy! Be Healthy!:

Description: Fun, games, and nutrition?! Students explore nutrition and healthy eating through a series of games and exciting activities in this program. Classes will learn about food groups, food labels, serving sizes, whole foods, and much more, all while playing games! Total Audience: Pre-K-5th

Science Teachers Guide to Effective Teaching 101:

Description: This program provides hands-on teaching tools for science teachers. Teaching science can be fun and interactive! Teachers will leave this program pumped up about science and have a few more teaching tools for the classroom. Target Audience: Teachers of K-5th

New... Robotics 101!

Description: Robotics 101 focuses on the introductory understanding and education of robotics around the world. The future of work will heavily involve the construction, maintenance and use of robotics and automation. This course will introduce young students to the knowledge and skills required to do such further work. This program has a heavy emphasis on robotics in careers, and how the students can utilize their education in the future. Robotics 101 pulls from the curriculum developed by Carnegie Mellon University, and involves both hands on education and challenges with Cubelets (a product of ModRobotics) and VEX IQ robots. Both of these are based towards the middle school aged student. The goal of this program is to establish a fundamental education and practice of the robots which Port Discover has to offer, and to prepare the students for Robotics 201 which continues further into a more in depth understanding and practice of the more advanced skills featuring programming using robots in order to accomplish autonomous operations.  Target Audience: 6th- 12th

New... Introduction to STEM

Description: Port Discover's Introduction to STEM program guides the students through the fundamental understanding and execution of STEM education and careers. The hour long program is broken up in four sections including an introductory STEM education and career discussion, a Robotics demonstration and education, a 3D printing education and demonstration, and a station which discusses how and why STEM careers are so important. This program is intended to guide students into the basic understanding of what STEM education is and how they can utilize their education in the future. 

Target audience: 6th-12th (Outreach ONLY - 50 student minimum)

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